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Industry Warehouse Studio™ (IWS) for Media

Industry Warehouse Studio™ (IWS) for Media is an integrated business intelligence solution that helps advertising, circulation and marketing managers understand their customers, advertisers and prospects. IWS for Media, a highly intelligent customer analytics solution, provides better access and usability of your existing data to help you analyze customer attributes, demographics and lifestyle data so you can deliver focused messages with your complete arsenal of products.

A clear understanding of your targets helps you narrow your marketing messages to the right people with concentrated preprints, direct mail, telemarketing, and Internet information. And that translates to a loyal customer base and advertisers who are confident that you are hitting the mark.

The IWS for Media is a focused solution for media organizations that shortens the development and implementation cycles - applying lessons and best practices learned from many successful implementations. It uses proven industry-specific methods, applications and data models, taking the risk out of development.

IWS for Media is designed as a flexible and open system that integrates with your existing technology investments and data - giving you a powerful customer-centric information tool that is quick, cost-effective and hassle-free.

IWS for Media helps your profit picture by giving you the tools to perform customer profiling and segmentation, loyalty and retention analysis, sales analysis, customer care and contact analysis, campaign and cost-benefit analysis, performance and Web analysis.

Sybase is an Associate Member of Newspaper Association of America. To see our vendor listing, visit, type "Sybase" in the "Select by Company..." box and click on "Search Vendorlinks".

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