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Sybase Push 365

Push notifications are a cost-effective mobile communication channel as a part of your overall marketing mix by sending push messages, as well as rich web-based content, direct to the home screen of any mobile device running on the Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire.


Push Notification

Push Notifications allow you to send messages directly to your smartphone app, even when the app is closed. Deliver relevant information including sports scores, breaking news, stock movements, or game challenges. Send messages to your full audience, segment your audience into specific groups, or send custom messages to individuals.

  • Drive engagement - Bring users back to your app, even when it is closed
  • Direct to pocket communication - Opt-in mobile communications let you reach users in real-time, wherever they are.

Rich Push Notification

Go beyond text alerts and create engaging experiences for your users. Templates make it easy to send music, video, coupons, surveys, and more directly to your app.

  • Call to Action - Invite users to take action in the app. Ask them to vote in a poll, share the message with friends, make a call or verify receipt of message.
  • Persistent Inbox - Users won't miss your messages and can reference them after.
  • Stylish Experience - Maintain corporate branding with HTML- based push notifications. Include photos, logos, video and audio directly in the message.

In-App Purchase

In-app purchase allows users to purchase upgrades, new content, and complementary features directly within your app. Simplify and shorten the path to purchase, to allow for easy implementation of a "freemium" business model and creation of additional revenue opportunities.

App Content Subscriptions

Subscriptions let you develop an ongoing relationship with your users. Mobile users subscribe directly within an app to open new revenue sources for publishers.

  • Recurring revenue - Allow users to sign up for an ongoing relationship with your app. Subscriptions work within the Apple Terms of Service, including Auto-renewable support.
  • Unlock or drip content over time - Subscribers pay for content behind a pay wall or for a set period of time.
  • Entitlement and Restoration – Manage user authentication and content delivery, using a simple turnkey user-management layer that sits on top of in-app purchase.



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